Nick’s Training Day

on the theme of

HotIronKnowHow & The Skills of Well-being

to help you thrive in this high pressure life

Everyone is welcome!

Hear Nick explain his Training Day
designed to be of interest to the following individuals…

Business Professionals

  • HR & Training professionals
  • Entrepreneurs & Business Executives
  • Organisational Leaders, Innovators & Strategists
  • Journalists & Social Commentators
  • Corporate Responsibility Professionals

Health Professionals

  • Healthcare Professionals within and beyond the NHS (Therapists, Nurses, Home-Carers, GPs)
  • Psychologists (academic & practising) & Psychotherapists
  • Chaplains & Pastoral-Carers in every setting
  • Emergency-Services, Police, & Military Personnel

Educators & Pastoral Carers

  • Teachers & all school Staff and Governors (from both the State and Independent sector).
  • Lecturers & Educators, Trainers & Coaches of every ilk

Individuals with a personal interest

  • Mums & Dads (and those planning to become so)
  • Best mates, boyfriends & girlfriends
    (Only suitable for individuals age 16+)

Based upon his 4 new books, the themes and methods of Nick’s Training Day
are designed to be deeply enjoyable and personally engaging,
coaching you in highly practical skills to be of wide-ranging benefit.

  • How to thrive in this high-pressure life
  • Swiftly learn any new skills for personal & professional life
  • Heal your mind & body from trapped emotional pain
  • First-Aid for Emotional-Shock: what to do in the first crucial minutes, days and one month - at work, school & home.
(The books page on this website will tell you more about those 4 themes)

No prior qualifications nor knowledge of the field are required.

Enthusiasm to know more, and to thoroughly enjoy the day, are qualifications enough.

You will receive a Certificate personally signed by Dr Nick Baylis

to recognise your attendance at 7 hours of intensive training.

After the event, you will be emailed a 4-page aide-memoire

of the day that will serve to remind you of Nick’s key themes.
This is intended to supplement any written notes you may take of your own. (Please appreciate that no recordings of any sort are permissible on the day.

Dates & Location: simply contact Nick by email to ask for exact dates of Workshops to be held at his central Cambridge home.

If you can put together a team of three participants, you can book Nick for a tailor-made private workshop at his Cambridge home, on any day & date of your choosing.

Cambridge is Junction 12 of the M11; or 50 minutes on the train from London’s King’s Cross Train Station, then a 7 minute cab drive to Nick’s fireside.

Schedule for the Day

Registration & refreshments at 9:30am; Nick starts promptly at 10am; 40 minutes for lunch; then we draw to a close at 5:30pm.
Healthy refreshments and lunch are provided; and it’s OK if you run late for arrival in the morning, or have to leave early.

Fee for the day

(All meals and refreshments are included.)
  • £200 for all State School Staff; full-time staff of any Registered Charity (excluding schools); Armed Forces; Emergency Service professionals (i.e. Police, Fire, Ambulance crews); full-time students; those age 16 to 21. (£350 in total if two friends in any of the above categories book at the same time.)
  • £250 for Independent School Staff (£400 in total if two friends book at the same time.)
  • £300 for all other individuals (£500 in total if two friends book at the same time.)
  • £350 if you’re being paid for by an organization not named above. The invoice will be sent in advance. (£600 in total if two friends book at the same time; )
The above fee-rates are strictly provisional on your bringing nationally-recognised photographic Proof of Identity with you on the day to make clear your eligibility for having paid a particular fee-rate, otherwise the balance of the standard £300 fee will be required on the day (though this extra charge will of course be refunded once your eligible status has been confirmed.)

How to book your training day: it takes 2 minutes

Simply email Nick a line telling him which date you wish for, and the fee you expect to pay.
This would be the time to ask any questions you may have.
Nick will reply within 7 days, explaining how you pay to secure your place, by using a bank cheque, PayPal or a credit or debit card.
Read Nick’s Track-Record & Testimonials

Cancellation Policy

  • If you need to cancel up to 8 days before the event: you can either be refunded by cheque for the sum of your original fee minus our £50 administration charge for doing so.
  • or you are welcome to simply transfer your place to a future Training Day, with no admin charge.
  • If you need to cancel 7 days or closer to the event, you will automatically be offered a place on any one of Nick’s future Training Days of your choosing; unfortunately, no refund is possible at that late stage.
  • If Nick needs to cancel the day himself, due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be informed immediately by email and/or phone, and given the choice of a full refund or a place on another Training Day.

Our Legal Agreement

In purchasing a place and attending the Training Day, you are agreeing to the terms as stated above and below:

  • Mobile phones must be turned off throughout the day when training or group work of any sort is in session. Please leave the room to turn your phone on.
  • Recording of any sort (including audio, video, or photo) by electronic or digital means of any part of the Training Day is not permitted.
  • All participants must respect the rights of their fellow participants to a considerate and congenial atmosphere of good-humour and calm support. Any individual may be required to leave by Dr Baylis, without refund, if their behaviour, in the judgement of Dr Baylis, threatens to disrupt the day or any part of it.
  • Dr Nick Baylis reserves the right to update training content for the benefit of participants, and to change the venue as circumstances require.