How to thrive in this high-pressure life

supports the well-being of your
whole school community

whether a Senior, Junior or Infant School,
within the State or Independent sector,
anywhere in the world.

Perhaps you will purchase your own personal copies of each title, to consider licensing them for your school community.
This page offers the following:

  1. How the books bring practical benefits
  2. How they could be easily distributed
  3. The price of licensing your whole school community
  4. Nick’s work with world-leading Headteachers
  5. Send an email inviting Nick to contact you
    to discuss your school’s particular interests.

How the books bring benefits

These Guidebooks provide a practical way of supporting your existing initiatives for the all-round well-being and quality-of-life of your staff & students, and also their families.

The guides can help your whole school community to thrive & flourish in what is naturally a high-pressure life.

The books provide a resource giving safe, clear guidance based on a consensus of expert approaches.
No special training is necessary, as the books support…

a) pastoral discussions, PSHE, General Studies, and the Emotional-Health development of children of any age.

b) teacher-led classroom discussions via e-readers and computers; and self-guided study by those age 15+.

c) a member of staff or a parent can readily use the books to work safely with a child or teenager of any age, both for skills-coaching and for emotional-health. Likewise, older students can work in a Coaching Partnership with a close friend.

Your students will learn to ask key questions
of the inspiring lives they see around them:

  • How exactly did the inspiring individual positively thrive in high-pressure situations?
  • How exactly did they train to become so skilled?
  • How exactly did they resolve their personal challenges?

As for First-Aid for Emotional-Shock :
just as we all learn the first-aid essentials
of treating a physical injury,
we should all learn the first-aid essentials
of treating an emotional wound,
so as to restore well-being
in ourself…or in someone we’re caring for.

How to distribute the books
throughout your school community

  1. When you license your school, you automatically receive not only the e-book adobe PDF file, but also the audio-book MP3 version. They can be used on all sorts of computers, ipads, e-readers and phones.
  2. You can make the licensed books freely available for use by your staff & students within your school, and the personal home-use of their families.
  3. The files would be easily downloadable from the members-only section of your school website, or directly from the memory stick you receive from Dr Nick Baylis.
  4. The only thing you cannot do, is make any book available to the general public in any form, nor give any book to another organization or school. For this reason, each page of each book has a discrete digital-watermark unique to each school, which reads:
    Licensed for use within NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL
    + the personal home-use by its staff & students, and their families.

The price of licensing your whole school community

Here you can easily calculate the cost of permanently licensing ALL FOUR BOOK TITLES (which automatically come as both an e-book & audio-book together) for use throughout your school community: your staff & students, and their families at home.

Prices shown below are for the full set of all FOUR book titles

Size of your schoolMore than 300 studentsmore than 800 students
State School£375£525£675

Prices shown below are for any ONE of the book titles

Size of your schoolMore than 300 studentsmore than 800 students
State School£125£175£225

Prices shown are in pounds sterling. Your bank will automatically arrange the exchange rate of foreign currencies.


  • you automatically receive not only the full e-book version, but also the short-audio-book version of the titles you license
  • and when you license 3 titles, you receive the 4th title free.
If just one student or member of staff deeply engages with the ideas and substantially benefits from them, the books have surely paid for themselves.

Nick’s work with world-leading Headteachers

Mr Kevin McKellar has been the Headteacher of Hendon School for the past 6 years. It is a highly inclusive State Comprehensive for 1,269 students.
In 2006, it had just come out of ‘Special Measures’, yet in 2011 the school won an overall rating of ‘Outstanding’ from Ofsted Inspectors.
Only 4% of schools received such a rating.
It was one of the very first senior schools to go from ‘Special Measures’ to ‘Outstanding’ within 6 years.
Nick Baylis was commissioned by Kevin McKellar as a consultant to Hendon School, and continues in this role. Read the testimonial in full.

Kevin McKellar writes: “Nick has really helped us develop the essentials for staff & student well-being, from emotional-health to exam preparation, from life-enhancing habits to developing successful relationships.
At a time when we are all dealing with such change and stress in education, Nick has given us powerful strategies to help us not only cope but positively thrive while working in this robust and challenging London school.
I urge every school to consider working with Nick’s HotIronKnowHow e-books & audio-books. Their practical suggestions are proving to be invaluable here at Hendon. These fundamental strategies have the potential to engage our most disaffected students who struggle with the day to day demands of life, while the principles also inspire and develop our most able students.
We have been on a very exciting journey with Nick : he has already worked with our Leadership Team and presented to our Governors, and this autumn 2013 he will deliver training days on well-being as part of the professional development for our School Student Welfare department.
Nick’s vision for promoting well-being in school is not only inspirational but entirely necessary for students and teachers to deal with 21st century educational issues.
It is for the above reasons that I whole-heartedly recommend other schools consider working with Nick and his educational resources.
Please do get in touch if you wish me to further explain my thinking on this initiative.”
Kevin McKellar, Headteacher, Hendon School.

Dr Anthony Seldon commissions Nick to advise at Wellington College in 2006: a case-study of Well-being at Work

Wellington College is now one of the world’s most popular and innovative co-educational independent schools (for some 1,000 boys & girls age 13–18).
In January 2006, Dr Anthony Seldon, MBA, became its new Headteacher. He immediately invited Dr Nick Baylis to help introduce the principles and practice of all-round well-being at the heart of everyday-life for students and staff alike. That very same summer, Wellington College achieved by a country mile the finest examination results in its distinguished history; and has improved upon its record every year since. Wellington College has seen the number of students achieving an A*, A or B grade rise from 69% in 2005, to consistently over 90% under Dr Seldon’s well-being leadership; and the International Baccalaureate results are even more outstanding.
That’s well-being at work.

Invite Nick to contact you to discuss your license

Simply email Nick Baylis a very brief note to tell him
  • the full name of your school
  • your name and job-title within the school
  • the number of students in the school
  • How best to contact you (Do you prefer phone or email?)
Please write to

Nick will contact you within 7 days. He will explain the simple procedure by which he will invoice your school bursar, but only after you have safely received your digital books on a memory-stick (and back-up stick), by recorded-mail delivery.

Bear in Mind, too….

  • Nick would be glad to present HotIron-KnowHow & The Skills of Well-being at your school, anywhere in the world. Click here…
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