License your organization for


These are the skills to help you thrive under high pressure.

You could purchase your own personal copies of each title, to consider licensing them for your organisation, but this page suggests….

  1. who the Guides are for
  2. how they bring benefit
  3. how these digital books could easily be distributed throughout your staff and their families
  4. how to send an email inviting Nick to contact you to discuss your particular interests and the license fee.

The Guides are for…

  • Commercial Businesses anywhere in the world
  • Healthcare organisations in every setting
  • Higher & Further Education
  • State-Sector Departments
  • Military and Emergency Services
All of your people could have free & easy access to these enjoyable and reassuring Guides suggesting what might help their own life go a good deal better each day, and the lives of those they care for.

These practical ideas can help your whole organisation to thrive & flourish in what is naturally a high-pressure world.

In addition:

  • With a simple extension to your company’s license, your entire client-base of individuals & their families could also benefit from access to these life-enhancing Guidebooks.
  • Your e-Book PDFs can bear your distinctive brandname & logo on every page; as could the audio-book icon.

How the books bring benefits

The books provide safe, clear guidance based on a consensus of expert approaches. The books support….
  • the quality of life and well-being of all staff and their families
  • mentoring or peer-coaching among recent graduates or seasoned veterans.
  • It’s no secret that depression, anxiety and psycho-somatic illness (i.e. real physical ills caused by an unhappy sub-conscious mind) are thought to be the biggest causes of time away from work due to sickness, and they put a great strain on personal & working relationships.
  • If just one member of staff deeply engages with the ideas and is helped by them, the books have surely paid for themselves.

And as for ‘First-Aid for Emotional-Shock’:
just as we all learn the first-aid essentials of treating a physical injury,
we should all learn the first-aid essentials of treating an emotional wound
that might otherwise lead to an individual suffering
serious and persistent symptoms.

How the books could be distributed

  • When you license your organisation, you automatically receive not only the ebook Adobe PDF file, but also the audio-book MP3 version. These can be used on all sorts of computers, ipads, e-readers and phones.
  • Your formally licensed ebook & audio-book files would be easily downloadable from the members-only section of your organisation’s website.
  • The only thing you cannot do, is make any book available to the general public in any form, nor give any book to another organization. Each book page has a discrete digital-watermark unique to your company, which reads :

    Licensed for use within NAME OF YOUR ORGANISATION
    + the personal home-use of the organisation’s staff and their families.

How to license your organisation in 5 minutes

Simply email Nick

… saying how you would like him to contact you. He will do so within 7 days to discuss your particular aims and needs, so that a fee can be agreed for your license:

48 hours after that discussion, you could safely receive your digital books on a memory stick (and backup), by recorded-mail delivery.

Bear in Mind, too…

  • Nick would be glad to present HotIronKnowHow & The Skills of Well-being at your organization anywhere in the world, click here…
  • You could come to Nick’s Training Day click here